9/11 Never Forget

20 years ago we witnessed a level of terror and murderous brutality never before seen on U.S. soil. We also witnessed an awe-inspiring level of courage, compassion, and selfless dedication to helping others.

Neither will be forgotten. Not two decades later. Not 100 years from now.

On this poignant anniversary we again honor and thank the police officers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel and other first responders, both living and deceased, who bravely ran straight into hell on September 11, 2001 to protect those in danger, care for the injured and recover the dead with dignity.

Their actions that day showed the world that true heroes exist. They overcame fear and boldly faced the unknown. They accepted life-threatening risk. They disregarded self. All in the name of doing what people called to serve—born to serve—do. And that is to help. However they can, regardless of cost.

Today, be reminded that there are still heroes in our midst standing ready to confront evil, prepared to face dangers that send all others fleeing.

Remember that. Be hopeful in that. Thank God for that.

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