Fireman Dad Jokes

Firefighters are real-life heroes who put themselves at risk to save other people’s lives everyday.  

How can one tell that there is a firefighter at a party? He will himself tell you about it.

What is the one thing that firefighters save during a fire? They always save the foundation!

What were the two sons of the Spanish firemen named? They were named José and HoseB!

Why doesn't the deputy firefighter look out of the window in the early morning? Because he needs to have something to do in the afternoon!

What did the iceberg say to the incoming fireman? "If you dare to come close, I'll knock you out!"

How are firemen and cops similar to each other? Both the groups aspire to be firefighters!

How many firemen does it take to change a light bulb? You will actually need 5 to change a light bulb. One to change it while the others will cut a hole in the roof and hold the ladder!

What kind of web browser do firefighters use? They use Mozilla FireFox!

Why were the Three Wise Men actually firemen? Because they had come from afire!

What should you call firefighters who start to grow flowers in their garden one day? You should just call them by their name!

What would happen if the fire chief and newbie jumped out of the house on fire one day? The chief would land first because the newbie would stop and ask others for directions.

Why was the man who worked in a hydrant plant always late at his work? Because one cannot park near the place!

What did the man say when the fireman asked him how to reach his house on fire?  He asked them to come to him via the red fire truck!

What is the type of award that one should give a firefighter? He should be given an extinguished one!

Why do firefighters in Greece make every fire worse? Because they are not supposed to be using water on Greece fires!

What did the father reply when the son asked him what the least favorite letter of a firefighter is? He said, "R, son!"

Why was the man arrested for pulling out five men from the burning building? This was because he had pulled out all the firefighters!

Why do firefighters like the summer? Because they are used to the heat!

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