“I saw bravery drive past me yesterday…” In memory of Officer Eric Talley

The following was written by a Boulder, CO resident named Jodi. It was sent in the wake of the active shooter tragedy there this past Monday, March 22 that left 10 innocent people dead, including Officer Eric Talley who was the first officer on the scene. You’ll hear about her connection to Officer Talley as you read on.

Jodi sent this note to a close friend, Sally, who is also very close with us here at Calibre Press. When Sally asked Jodi if she could share her powerful words with us—and in turn, with all of you— her response was this:

“Please do tell Jim he can share it with the police! Someone here shared it with the Police Commander in Boulder. If my words help to heal anyone, especially police officers, then I am blessed. God blessed me with being at a time and place to witness something extraordinary. I’m supposed to share that moment with many.”

And so you will, Jodi. And so you will…


I saw bravery drive past me yesterday on an early Spring afternoon on a Boulder, Colorado highway.

A time stamp on a text showed me that I left an appointment in Boulder at 2:25 PM.  A few minutes later I was driving south on South Foothills Highway when a Boulder police car came up behind me travelling with lights on at an extreme speed.  I pulled off the road and prayed for their safety as they passed by.  When I drove onto the ramp for Highway 36 the police car was nowhere in sight so I knew that they had exited onto Table Mesa Road.

On Highway 36 I soon began to see a huge number of police vehicles with lights on all travelling at high rates of speed towards Boulder.  This northern caravan continued all the way during my southern drive towards I-25 in Denver.  I knew something big was happening in Boulder.

Last night I put the time and location together and I believe that the police car that passed me on South Foothills Highway was driven by Officer Eric Talley, first Officer on the scene of the active shooter devastating tragedy at the King Soopers grocery store on Table Mesa Road.  Officer Talley, husband and father of seven, 51 years old, was the first Officer on the scene, and he was fatally shot, along with nine others.

Seeing that police car drive past me now reminds me of the firefighters and first responders who ran up the stairs in the twin towers on 9-11.

Officer Talley attended my Church.  One of our Priests was asked to visit his family last evening. I recognize Officer Talley from his picture. Our parish will be there for his loved ones.

Whenever I hear of a sudden loss I immediately think of the family members who will be hearing the news that will shatter their world and change their lives forever.

Officer Talley I will never forget the image of you racing towards danger in order to serve and protect us.  I will pray for your soul for many years, and I will keep your precious family and the many who loved you in my heart.  I pray that I will meet your family someday, so that I can tell them about seeing you drive past me that day, willing to face whatever came your way.

The beauty of your bravery transcends the agony of the evilness you and the others endured.

Rest in peace, Officer Eric Talley.



Thank you - Thank you so much for this.

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