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"FAILURE TO RESIGN".......huh?

I hope this finds everyone enjoying the new year. It is bittersweet for me.

I was fired from North Charleston Police Department after almost 19yrs of service to them. Although I was terminated for refusing Mayor Summey's vaccine mandate, my termination letter said “Failure to Resign”.

Riddle me that.

Mayor Summey issued the mandate, and postponed the deadline several times. Employees (Officers, Fire Department, Civilian Employees) were all offered a chance to submit medical or religious exemptions.

Once entered, the employees that submitted religious exemptions were told they were denied… "because they didn’t seem sincere". Only a handful were given medical exemptions, with significant guidelines.

The bulk of us sued Mayor Summey and the City of North Charleston in state court. The judge ruled that the mandate violated so many laws(State and Federal), that he was unable to hear the case, that it needed to be heard Federally. Unfortunately we got an extremely liberal judge, and he ruled against us.

In the end, Mayor Summey fired a mass group just before Thanksgiving for failure to comply with his unlawful  mandate. Several officers had Covid later in the year, and were not medically able to comply with his mandate. They received their terminations for “Failure to resign” last Friday.

The state senate reconvenes on January 22, and a bill making the mandates illegal is believed to be signed into law.

At some point this has to stop.


“You know we don’t require that information normally but if they have had the vaccination, they will have their little ID card that says they do,” said Mayor Summey.

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C.- The city of North Charleston says 43 employees left the city’s police and fire departments since the deadline to get vaccinated, but say not all of them left specifically because of the mandate.

City spokesman Ryan Johnson said the city TERMINATED 16 police officers and 9 firefighters.

In addition to the terminations, 15 police officers and three firefighters tendered their resignations. But Johnson said of the employees who resigned, only eight of them cited the vaccine mandate as the reason they were leaving their jobs.

That would leave 35 employees whose departure could be attributed to the mandate itself.



Mayor Summey also utilized the NCPD K-9 unit to conduct 24/7 security on his house. The taxpayers were not made aware of this. That was just another piece of his true character shining through.  His employees that were knowingly on the chopping block for standing up for their beliefs still came to work each day, even as it was made very clear that he believed that they were going to come after him, using their own co-workers against them.


THANK YOU to the officer who sent this in.   I RUN TO DANGER wants you to know that you are appreciated even if your "Mayor" decided to do things on HIS own terms with other people's tax money.  We hope that you find a better place to work where his wrath can not reach you.  We can only hope that all the officers and firefighters that were "Forcefully Resigned" get their day in court.  The best of luck to you sir and thank you!!


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