Take ownership of your part!
My name is Marc.  I'm a father, husband, life coach, personal health enthusiast and LEO from the LAPD with 19 years on.   The reason why I started the sentence that way is because for many years I screwed up that order in my life.
Like they say, our "Words create worlds" which is why leading with my career for so long when people asked anything about what I do led me down the path of putting everything else on the back burner.
At one point I was 100 pounds overweight.  I was working a massive amount of overtime, court, morning watch hours, and leaving my family and my health to whatever was left at EOW.  And let me tell you, there wasn't much.
At the time I blamed my career because I had a fixed mindset that either I can be a great LAPD Officer, OR a great father/husband.  I could be there for my partners when they needed me, OR I could take some extra time to get some sleep or a workout in.
I've come to find out it's NEVER an OR situation, it's always an AND situation.  AND opens up the door to possibilities, to ways of doing things differently.
The first thing I had to do to get out of that vicious cycle was to take ownership of my part of the equation.  I'm in the process of writing a book to share with people how to Master Your Life Through Self Coaching, and earning the right to lead others by first learning how to lead yourself.  My first chapter is entirely about owning where you currently are, because you created the current situation you're in.  The moment you realize you are in control of much more than you think is the moment you get to actually change it.
I don't want you to use this to beat yourself up though, because there are never any positive results from doing so.... Instead, I hope that you jump in and take ownership so you can start to change it TODAY.
With that new mentality around ownership I was able to make my health a priority and lose 100 pounds, spend more high quality time with my wife and kids, surround myself with other parents/spouses who were learning different tactics to connect better and create a legendary legacy, and I used those struggles to create a life coaching business for LEOs and First Responders looking to get unstuck like I was too.
I'll end with this.  No matter where you are right now in your life, whether you're the old grumpy person sitting at the back of roll call, or you're about to jump into this amazing career, know that it's never the career that gets you off course.  You can take control of the parts you can control, which allows you to control even the things you think you can't. 
I appreciate all that you guys do, putting so much effort and energy into your work, only to go home and try to function as a human after working 22 hours straight.  If no one else has told you thanks today, let me be that person.
Thank you for your service.  You make the world a better place.
P.S. To check out my book head to https://www.leofamilyfitness.com/book and dive in.  Feel free to share it with someone you think needs it too.

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